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January 2, 2018   

Shine On Phase 3: Early Detection & Prevention of Hemangiosarcoma

The American Boxer Charitable Foundation is a proud participant and sponsor of the SHINE ON project sponsored by the college of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota. Stage three of the Hemangiosarcoma study is now open and accepting participants. With our participation and contributions we can see a future free of this heinous cause of Boxer deaths.


Phase 3 is to determine if a test looking for specific cells in the blood can be used to detect hemangiosarcoma in its earliest stages, before a tumor has formed.


♦ Must be an AKC-registered or pedigreed Golden Retriever, Portuguese Water Dog, or Boxer.
♦ Dogs must be at least 6 years old and in good general health
♦ Owners must agree to submit blood samples for re-testing according to the study guidelines
♦ Dog/Owner must live in the contiguous 48 states

Dogs that have positive test results, and that do not have a detectable tumor, will have the option to receive the experimental drug, eBAT, to determine the drug's potential to prevent progression of disease.

Due to an overwhelming response and to the number of samples we can currently process in one week, responding to eligible participants will take longer than we anticipated.

Be assured that eligible participants' forms will be added to our list, and we will respond as quickly as time and space allow.

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