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Submission of Spines & Spinal Tissue

From Dr. Bill Truesdale, President of the American Boxer Charitable Foundation:

Dr. Joan Coats of the University of Missouri and primary researcher in canine Degenerative Myelopathy is in great need of spines and spinal tissues in order to continue her research into Degenerative Myelopathy. Her goal is to research what genetic variation exists between early onset of DM and late onset of DM which would yield information on the role of a suppressor gene in the manifestation of the disease.

Dr. Coats is particularly interested in samples of old dogs THAT tested "At Risk" for DM and died of other causes.

Dr. Coats has a kit that can be sent to your veterinarian that would help in the process of spine removal. Your veterinarian simply needs to call her office with the request for the kit. Dr. Coats' email is Her phone number is (573) 882-7821.

Funds are available through the American Boxer Charitable Foundation to assist in the cost of the spine removal and obtaining tissue samples. Contact Dr. Joyce Campbell at Her contact phone number is (918) 521-1534.

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