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Requesting Genetic Testing for the ARVC-1 Gene in Boxers

The below information is taken directly from the North Carolina State Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory web page.

Dr. Kathryn Meurs and the services of testing for ARVC in Boxers are now located at North Carolina State University.

NCSU publishes a "Update on Boxer Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC)" by Dr. Kathryn Meurs." This is an article with Dr. Meurs most recent information on ARVC in Boxers.

Holter monitor information may be found at:
Note that only digital Holter monitors are being rented. The lab does not have the capability of reading analog tapes, although there is a web page with step-by-step instructions on applying an analog Holter Monitor to a dog.

The Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory web page ( gives information on how to order and pay for swab tests for the ARVC-1 gene in Boxers.

Blood samples: 1-3 mls of blood in an EDTA tube may be submitted. The sample does not need to be refrigerated during shipment, it isvery stable once in the EDTA tube. Please double bag or put in secondary container to avoid breakage and spills.
Sample may be shipped to:

NCSU - College of Veterinary Medicine
    ATTN: Veterinary Cardiac
    Genetics Laboratory
    Research Bldg. 460
    1060 William Moore Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27607

If requesting swabs please email VCGL at
Please state your mailing address, how many kits you would like and which test you are requesting (Boxer ARVC, Feline HCM, Doberman DCM)

The link for the form which MUST be sent in with the swab test kits for Boxer ARVC genetic testing is in the right hand column about half-way down the page under the heading: "VCGL Forms." Boxer Arrythmic Right Ventirucular Cardiomyopathy. You may click the link on this page which you may print.

The payment process is separate because NCSU is concerned with privacy.

All tests are now the same price---$51.00

We will no longer be billing but effective immediately we ask that you please use our easy campus credit card web site:
NCSU Credit Card Payment
Once on the web site you will be asked:
Company Name -- this can be your kennel, cattery or even your last name
Contact Name -- your name
Payment Purpose: Cardiac Genetics YOU MUST WRITE CARDIAC GENETICS in this required field for us to match up your payment with your tests. Additionally we need the payment confirmation # from your payment receipt, unless prior arrangements have been requested.
Please make sure your email address is accurate (print clearly) to avoid delays in getting your results. The rest of the form should be similar to others you have used.