We have not created our Boxers. They are a gift and we are but caretakers. We may have been at their birthing, seen their growing, and have experienced their going. We can reach out spiritually with our hands and touch those head in our laps, or those paws on our knees or to touch that wonderful head and strong neck of those who sit at our sides.

Take a few seconds, just a few, and touch once again that which we didn't create but we had that honor to be the caretaker even for so short a time.

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The ABCF has only one mission -- to raise money to address the health issues that face our beloved breed. All Memorial Wall donations will fund health research. Each year, as we add new names, we cherish the memory of each of these Boxers and rededicate ourselves to addressing the health issues that affect our beloved breed. This Memorial Wall is perpetual and is constantly revised with new additions. Currently over 1,400 of our Boxers are listed on The Wall. Look at the faces on this site and remember with all of us these beloved Boxers that are "Gone But Never Forgotten".